A Garden Spirit

A Garden Spirit

A story about a novice gardener: Learning, exploring, & discovering          ~ by K. Ivy V.

Keeping track

Most of you won't be surprised when I tell you that I started collecting research on the different plants I have, and of course needed a good place for it all to be kept.  A three ring binder works great to keep my patio plans, research about all of my plants, as well as types of products to remember (for instance, my birds don't really like seed from fred's, but seed from food lion is gone very quickly) By keeping the brand labels and recording where they came from, I can keep track of what to get from birdfeed, to soil, to anything really.  All in one place.




Backyard overhaul

Our deck is great. I mean, it used to be great.  I don't believe it has ever been treated, just painted over and over.  We have painted it twice since owning the house, and the wood is in bad shape.  No barefeet on the deck or you will be in danger of getting major splinters.  So, we have decided to redo the space, get rid of the deck and begin plans for a patio instead.

Throughout the past few weeks, I have been finding and pricing patio stone, possible furniture as well as storage ideas for the yard overhaul.

These are a few finds so far, for the list of possibilities:

(products found at various locations including Lowes, Antique Mall in Donalds, Ragpicker,and a Greenville Main street cupcake shop) the hammock and swing pics are from online.


Top row: privacy fence section, and possibilities for stone patio

Second row: old church bench, vintage patio chairs, lowes bench and table, rocking chairs (classic south), possibilities for table and chairs cast iron

Third row: green house possibility, small plants could go on a bakers rack.., small shed for garden supplies, storage bench for garden supplies (option), hammock!!! yeah!, and definitely some kind of swing in the yard is a must.

This week, my husbands family and I have been vacationing in Hawaii!!! It has been spectacular, and one of the coolest things is that my brother agreed to demolish our deck and haul the wood off, while we are in Hawaii relaxing on the beach! :)

My mother was nice enough to water all of my plants.  Thanks so much mom!! We are getting on the plane shortly to head back home, and it will be nice to see my garden again, I miss it a little like a pet.

My brother sent a picture of his progress:


He has done a great job so far, and this week, it will take all of us to get the rest out of the ground.


Luckily, Lee and I are thinking that we may be able to use the holes that the deck poles come out of; in making a pergula.

I have found a few plans online that are neat, I like some parts of them.  Of course, measuring and working up a budget will change things around a bit, but I am excited to get a plan started this coming week!!

Here are a few ideas found online:



Also, we visited a beautiful park here on Maui this week.  I loved the pergula and garden surrounding the grounds. It is inspiring and parts of the design may make it into my master plan...

Here is the pergula and garden in Hawaii.






Korean Group cookout

Our friends from Korea were able to come over for a summer cookout.  My yard was ready for a set up of tables, chairs and games.  We were able to enjoy the yard for about half an hour before the rain began.  It all worked out fine to eat inside and come back out after it had passed.

I wasn't too disappointed that it rained, since I have hoped for a good rain for days.  The garden loved it!




A bench (for bird watching and drinking lemonade)

I have been busy in the yard as well as have been on a wonderful vacation (which I will tell you about shortly).  Here is what is new in the garden:



Top left: rope outline plan, clockwise: hanging plant, brick outline, brick path to bench, ready for planting a little bed around it to enjoy.

I was able to use all of the bricks from Nana and Grandaddys house, as well as about 30 bricks found underneath the deck to finish the edge of the yard.  Its starting to shape up, I think adding a curved outline helps counter the square yard, making it much more peaceful.

Input and Suggestions from you


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my blog!  I am very excited about learning how to garden and I am quickly falling in love with it.

If you have any great tips to add to my general categories list to consider or if you have suggestions or comments at all, I would love to hear from you!


The categories to ask myself about a plant (so far):

1.) Water-how much water does it like?

2.) Sun-How much sunlight does it need?

3.) Drainage-What kind of drainage does the soil need to have?

4.) Soil-what kind of soil is the best for it?

5.) Fertilizer-What fertilizer does it need and how often?

6.) Pruning-What is the best pruning method and what time of year for pruning?

7.) Planting-When to plant and when is the plant ‘in season’

8.) Blooming-When does the plant bloom


My plants: azaleas, nandina, calla lilies, acuba, mondo grass, monkey grass, hosta, clematis, perennial ageratum, crape myrtle, ajuga, lilies, wisteria, dogwood tree, oak tree, various shrubs.

All you have to do is make a comment on the blog, I will read it and might post it on the blog for others to read! ;)

Thanks to all of my readers, stay tuned for more developments in My Gardening Spirit.

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